Hello Guys, This is Tejasvi Singh. Thank you so much for landing on our blog. Let me Introduce myself in front of you.

Tejasvi Singh
Tejasvi Singh

Tejasvi Singh is a Blogging and SEO Expert from Uttar Pradesh, India. He mostly writes about Technology, Blogging, and SEO on his Blog. He had worked on several blogs and also have experience of 3+ years in the field of Blogging. Currently, He is a student and managing this blog in his free time. To know more about him, just scroll down this page.


How many Blog(s) Owned by Tejasvi Singh ?

Tejasvi Singh BhadouriyaCurrently, I have more than 3 blogs including iTechway. This blog my favorite and I focus only on it. I write about Android, PC, Gadgets, Blogging, SEO and other pieces of stuff related to Technology there. My aim is to provide unique and easy articles to my readers. I always try to write the article that has easy language and easily readable to all.

I regularly learn new Tips & Tricks from the internet and write What I have learned on my Blog. Mostly I share my own experience in my articles. I always try to help people through my articles.


How Tejasvi Singh started his first Blog ?

When I created my first Blog, Actually I had no idea What is Blogging and what is a Blog. I remember the day when I searched on Google “How to Create a Free Website ?”. In the search results, I got a free Blogging platform and I created my Blog there.

Nimisha Convent SchoolAfter creating my first blog, I thought It’s a website but after some time, I realized that It’s something different from a website. Then I started some research about it and finally started writing on it. And I never turned back and still learning every day something unique, new and different. Well, my old Blog and the Blogging platform where it was hosted is no more now. But, I got lots of love from that Blog. After that, I created my second blog, third and so many other blogs.
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